• 1. What are the dates for the rally?
    The 1st Annual 30-HR Ironman LDR Challenge’s “KSU” (kick-stand-up), is Saturday, February 17, 2018 @ 8 AM; and finishes on Sunday, February 18, 2018, at 1:00 PM. This is not a race, but rather a test of planning, preparation, strategy and tactics, riding skill, and endurance.

  • 2. Where does the motorcycle challenge start and finish?
    All Challengers will leave from the American Legion, Post 154 located at: 4115 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, Florida 33050, and return to the same address. THIS IS A RAIN OR SHINE CHALLENGE SO COME PREPARED!


  • 3. What’s the entry fee?
    The entry fee is $100 to benefit the 2017 Hurricane Irma Hurricane Relief Fund through the Coral Head Music Festival in Marathon Key Florida. Your $100 entry fee is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Please understand that if you cannot make the start line, your $100 will go to the Charity with no refunds. Did I mention there is No Refunds if you don’t show up? $100-Fee must be paid in full in one payment at time of registration.


  • 4. What are some basic requirements to qualify for the challenge?
    - Challengers must hold a valid driver’s license, with valid motorcycle endorsement.
    - Helmet use required even though Florida is a choice state if you have $10K in medical Payment coverage on your motorcycle insurance plan as per Florida Statute.
    - You will act accordingly and not like a jerk in the road.
    - Treat your fellow riders on the road with respect.
    - You will be respectful at all times with the volunteers no matter what!


  • 5. What make of motorcycles can register for the challenge?
    Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid motorcycle license and proof of insurance. We welcome every make & model of motorcycles. In fact, we encourage the “friendly” competition between Harley, Victory, Indian, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, etc.


  • 6. Are motorcycles with more than two wheels allowed in the Challenge?
    Yes …with certain exceptions. Trikes, Can-Am Spyder, and motorcycles with side carts can participate, but the Polaris Sling Shots or other sling shot styled vehicles are not allowed to participate for the trophies. They can pay the $100 fee and participate for fun, but are prohibited from the recognition of being awarded a trophy. If there is any doubt then the Attorney That Rides, aka Gabe Carrera, Esq. shall have the final decision in the matter with no appeals.


  • 7. What types of electronical devices can be used in the Challenge?
    I recommend a GPS like a TomTom that is water proof. Many of the newer bikes have the navigation software in them. Bluetooth Senas, factory connected devices for phones, CBs, iPads, Smart Phones, track & call, Bluetooth and other communication devices are highly encouraged to use. Radar detectors are allowed if the rider agrees that he/she shall not surpass the posted speed limit, and declare that it is for entertainment purposes only. Any other electronical device that can be installed on motorcycle that is lawful within the State of Florida.


  • 8. How does this scavenger hunt style points system work in the Challenge?
    Each Challenger will be emailed an informational packet of points of interests with its point value designation, locations (physical, and Longitude & Latitude), and a sample pic of the POI with a bike displaying how you should take your pic for the points. There will be a crap load POIs a biker can select from. You basically create your own route. While the route is simple, using a GPS will simplify following the route you created, and finding the required POIs in locations. There will be more POIs that you can visit within the 30-hour period so calculate and choose wisely. 
    ​You will choose the POIs that you believe you can reach within the 30-hours remembering you have to return to Marathon before 1:00 PM Sunday, February 18, 2018 with a Marathon, FL gas receipt stating the address, date and time you got the gas. If your cutting it close just pump $1.00 then get the receipt from the pump. If the pump is broke or out of paper you MUST get a register receipt with the time, date, and address, or safely ride to a different gas station for a receipt on or before 1:00 PM. 


  • 9. How do I earn my POI’s points With the Rally Flag?
    Challengers shall be allowed to submit one photo for each bonus claimed. No other photos for that bonus will be considered. Must resemble the “sample point photo” if one is available. You motorcycle, numbered rally towel and a clear view of the POI must be visible on your pic. You can use a camera, cell phone, or iPad type device but we must be able to see the pic without you taking forever to pull it up.

  • If you post the pic on the Attorney That Rides Facebook page you will receive 5-bonus-points per picture posted.

  • If your camera battery is no good and you are unable for any reason show us the pics for points your basically screwed so prepare for that ahead of time! No pic NO Points!

  • When choosing which bonuses to go for, DON'T FORGET TO ALLOW TIME to REST and SLEEP. Remember that every bonus, even a gas stop, takes time.

  • Don't forget to account for the weather when planning your route so download a radar app on your cell and check it frequently.

  • No extra time or sympathy is given for road conditions, including but not limited to road construction, traffic delays of any kind, law enforcement activities, traffic at bonuses and rally locations.

    **The Rally flag concept is to even the playing field so old fotos cannot be used for points if per chance the rider visited that POI previously. The Attorney That RIDES does not believe in re-inventing the wheel so the rules for this rally will be borrowed from the great LDR organization called the Iron Butt Association (IBA). I have linked their page titled "Rally Flag 101" for the Challengers to review in case you have questions. The Attorney That Rides encourages you to become a member of the IBA and to get involved with their rides and events. For more information on joining the IBA please type in your URL: www.ironbutt.com/

  • 10. Can participants break the speed limit in the challenge
    It is not a race so the answer is NO, but rather the challenge is a test of planning, preparation, strategy and tactics, riding skill, and endurance. All participants are required to obey state and local traffic laws. Please remember this is a charity challenge for fun and NOT a competition to taint the event or yourself. The participants make decisions as to the selected POIs and their on the road time management to obtain points. Only adults (18-yr+) are allowed to register so you’re a big boy now……speed kills and this Challenge does not condone speeding since it is not required to win complete the challenge.


  • 11. DO Participants HAVE TO SPEED TO WIN?
    Participants must be skilled when managing fuel stops, time on the road, and rest time. It is recommended that all participants take one hour at a truck stop, state rest area, or anywhere you can find even if it means resting next to your iron horse. Your life is not worth a trophy! In sum, you are NOT to speed on the Florida Roads!


  • 12. Can participants have a passenger on the back of their scoot during the Challenge?
    Yes … it is allowed, but both Challengers MUST register, sign release, and show proof of insurance coverage. Its still $100 per bike but designated passengers cannot share in the riding of the registered motorcycle. The designated passenger is a passenger only. There are no additional entry fees for passengers.

    So bring along whomever you would like and score your points for a taste on pure endurance! Anyone seen violating this rule will be disqualified at the finish line. Anyone accusing a participant must have proof of violation that includes, but not limited to pics, video, or two or more independent witnesses of the violation. The Attorney That RIDES aka Gabe Carrera, Esq. has the final decision so be nice to him. Besides…..why would you wanna be caught riding bitch sleeping while your ole lady is hauling your ass down the road?


  • 13. Can participants have support vehicles follow them?
    This is a long-distance endurance challenge that tests your motorcycle skills, riding skills, health, knowledge of the roads, and completing the challenge safely. Support vehicles are 100% forbidden and not allowed. This run is on the honor system so if you violate the spirit of the run you have no honor and you are truly NOT the legitimate winner……..just saying.


  • 14. Will my motorcycle be inspected at anytime? 
    All motorcycles shall be inspected prio to KSU (kick-stands-up) for safety that includes tire tread, brakes, brake lights, turn signals, and verifying your mileage at the start of the event. The Attorney That Rides, aka Gabe Carrera, Esq shall have the final say if a motorcycle is unsafe for the challenge. If your motorcycle is disqualified for safety reasons your $100 shall be refunded in full. Gabe completed the (Certified) American Motorcycle Institute in Daytona Beach in 1987 and he has experience in motorcycles so be nice to him……just saying!


  • 15. Can I use an auxiliary fuel cell?
    YES you can use an auxiliary fuel cell, gas tank, keg…. whatever they call it these days as long as it is secured tightly to your scoot, meaning that it won’t fall off if I shake it violently, and you are not leaking gas from the set up or the fuel cell. Auxiliary tank must be mounted in a secure manner, no movement allowed, no bungee or shock cord allowed. USE OF GAS CANS/CONTAINERS IS PROHIBITED. Our goal is to allow the use of a safe, permanently mounted fuel cell, or safe main tank expansion. The use of gas cans, bottles or carriers is not allowed.

    If you do not pass the safety inspection you will be disqualified, and you will NOT receive a refund. If you have a fuel cell that means you had time to prepare and you are not an amateur motorcyclist. You should have known better so NO REFUND! The Attorney That Rides, aka Gabe Carrera, Esq shall have the final decision if a motorcycle fuel cell is unsafe for the challenge.


  • 16. Will there be prize money awarded?
    No. The Challenge is a awesome amateur competitive motorcycling event. Winners receive a handsome trophy and the admiration of their fellow riders as well as the Coral Head Music Fest attendee’s admiration when we bring you on stage with the band and honor your great achievement. prizes be awarded immediately after the run concludes and all scores are calculated. This Challenge is for those that love to ride!


  • 17. How long will the route be?
    That depends on your strategy and how many POIs you anticipate arriving at. This will always vary depending on the rider and the route they choose. However, for a 24-hour period, you can anticipate at least 1,000 miles. Stop your whining cause the Attorney That RIDES has completed 1K miles within 17.5 hours!


  • 18. Will there be any mandatory restING periods at all?
    NO….but it is highly recommended that you stop when you become tired especially if this is your first time participating in a long distance endurance run on your motorcycle. You know your body better than us but you are highly recommended to stop for one hour of rest. Your life is NOT worth the price of a plastic trophy!


  • 19. Can I leave my vehicle and bike trailer at the event so I can tow my bike home afterwards?
    The Challenger must make his or her own arrangements. Hotel rooms are already scarce and you may have to get a room at a hotel in a different key than Marathon. Ask the hotel if that is allowed at their premises. On this one you are on your own!


  • 20. Since the Challenge is for individual route planning, time-management and is a point-based run, what happens if there is a tie?
    If there is a tie in POI points, then the challenger that arrives with the dated time receipt in the least time before the deadline, wins! If there is a double tie with both riders having the same points and finish time then the Challenger with the most miles wins. Remember, no racing! Your time in the saddle together with adeptness is the key to winning a trophy safely!


  • 21. Do I have to save my gas receipts at every gas stop?
    NO………..you are only required a gas receipt when you arrive in Marathon Key!
    RECAP: You will choose the POIs that you believe you can reach within the 30-hours remembering you have to return to Marathon before 1:00 PM Sunday, February 18, 2018 with a Marathon, FL gas receipt stating the address, date and time you got the gas. If your cutting it close just pump $1.00 then get the receipt from the pump. If the pump is broke or out of paper you MUST get a register receipt with the time, date, and address, or safely ride to a different gas station for a receipt on or before 1:00 PM.



  • 22. Will any of the organizers be participating?
    Certainly! After all that is why we've organized the Challenge in the first place. We love to ride and look forward to an opportunity to test our own abilities! The catch to this is that the organizers cannot win any award associated with the Event. We may come in first, or do something great but someone else will ride away with the award!


  • 23. What can get me disqualified from the challenge?

    • If you arrive with a gas receipt dated past 1:00 PM

    • If you lose your flag and return without it then your disqualified. If you find someone’s flag leave it where you found it because they will be returning to get it. Better yet just ignore the damn flag as you LYFAO riding to your next POI. You snooze you loose baby!

    • Violation of any of the Rules set forth herein.

    • This is a rally NOT a race thus any excessive speeds or recless driving will result in disqualification.

    • Failure to render aid to a challenger or the public under emergency or life threatening conditions.

    • Acts that endanger the general public, spectators or participants.

    • Defacing, damaging or otherwise tampering with any Challenge-related item, including but not limited to removing a road sign or altering any identification related item, such as a rider’s identification towel.

    • All disputes under these rules shall be resolved by the Attorney That Rides, aka Gabe Carrera, Esq! He has the last say and by registering into the challenge you agree and understand.